Intimate Whitening Cream 30g

Intimate Whitening Cream 30g

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About Intimate Whitening Cream 100ml

A moisturising whitening cream for your intimate area. No more troubles with darkened or uneven skin tone ‘down there’.


Capparis spinosa is a flower bud originated from the Mediterranean coast. It is rich in vitamins A, B12, and K, as well as  flavonoid compounds including rutin and quercetin.

Orange comes from Assam State, India. Orange fruit extract and citrus reticulate promotes skin elasticity and softness.


In ancient time, olive leaf has been frequently used in the Mediterranean region for healing purposes. Due to its high antioxidant content, It improves skin hydration, elasticity and firmness.

Extracted from sunflower seed, sunflower seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E (tocopherol) and has an emollient effect.


Water, olive oil fatty acid cetearyl, glycerin, olive oil fatty acid sorbitan, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, dicaprylyl ether, ethylhexyl palmitate, myristyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, benzyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, sunflower seed oil, rice bran oil, benzoic acid Na, dehydroacetic acid Na, sorbitan palmitic acid, xanthan gum, needles Doris Siri Kuo support extract, maltodextrin, limonene, bitter orange leaf / branch oil, linalool, eucalyptus leaf oil, lactic acid, Iran Iran Hanayu, lemon peel extract, licorice root extract, rosemary extract, capers fruit extract, olive leaf extract, cinnamon alcohol, bilberry fruit / leaf extract, geraniol, Melissa leaf oil, orange fruit extract, Komeekisu, sage leaf extract, orange peel oil, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, benzyl salicylate, citral, farnesol, sorbic acid K, eugenol, iso-eugenol