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Natural Beauty Style Exhibition in Nagoya Takashimaya

Intime Organique by le bois is currently at Natural Beauty Style Exhibition in Nagoya Takashimaya.
Our top pick is the Intimate Hygiene Sheet. This Hygiene Sheet is made to keep the female intimate area fresh and clean.

A lot of women may feel self-conscious about their intimate odor and sweating in the area, especially when it is hot and humid. It is easy to bring out when travelling, exercising, or even on dates! How about packing one for your next trip?

Also available here is our best-seller, the Intimate Feminine Wash. This is a gentle organic liquid wash with a low pH value, specially formulated for the intimate area. The scent combines rosemary, orange, lavender, and lemon. What’s more, it can be used during periods.

A good whitening cream is essential and complementary to a healthy feminine wash regime. After washing the delicate zone with the Intimate Feminine Wash, use the Intimate Whitening Cream to achieve brighter and fairer skin in the armpit, nipples, and bikini line.

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