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The delicate zone refers to the vulva, which is also referred to as the “V, I O areas” at hair removal salons.

The delicate zone is the sensitive intermediate zone between the vaginal skin and mucous membrane. The outermost layer of the skin is thin and susceptible to friction and irritation. As the condition of our delicate zone is structurally different from other parts of our body, special care for it is essential.

Normal body wash and soap bars are highly alkaline. As the vagina’s optimal pH balance is slightly acidic (4.5), washing it with highly alkaline soaps can cause a change in its pH balance. This may also cause strong odour and skin irritation.

It is recommended that women should start caring for their delicate zones at the start of puberty.

Yes. During menstruation, the humidity around the delicate zone increases especially with the use of cotton pads. In addition, menstrual blood is alkaline, which may affect the vaginal pH balance. Let us aim to keep the delicate zone clean and healthy!

Yes. Hormonal change is common during pregnancy. This may cause more vaginal discharge and a darker-looking vagina.

Washing the vulva alone is enough, do not wash the inside of the vagina.

First, bubble the feminine wash. Then, use your hands to wash the vulva and anus.

Washing the delicate zone with body wash or soap made with chemicals may cause skin to dry and itch. Strong body wash or soap can also wash away sebum, an essential and natural fluid produced by the vagina. Vaginal odour is a result of the humid condition around the vagina which can also encourage bacteria growth.

A vagina darkens mainly due to dryness or friction with underwear. It is recommended to wear suitable fit underwear, and to wipe the delicate zone tenderly.

A bottle of Intime feminine wash can last up to 2 months if used daily.

Constituted by the Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale (ICEA), the Organic Certificate authorises products that are made organically. Intime Organique products joint with the Italian Laboratory Institute, have selectively obtained the world class standard of Organic Certification namely ICEA. (※ except for Breast Care Cream).

The recommended 3-step order is
1. Washing using Intime Feminine Wash
2. Nourishing using Intime Rose Lubricant
3. Moisturising using Intime Whitening Cream

pH is an index that expresses the degree of acidity and alkalinity of a solution. Intime Feminine Wash is formulated to keep the vagina at a healthy pH balance of 5.0

Yes, you can use it as an after care for armpit hair removal.


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