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Media Coverage – Nu You Singapore

Intime Organique was featured on 29th November 2016. This article explains the importance of intimate hygiene during menstruation.

The vagina is a delicate part of the body but often women don’t give much thought to looking after it. This is why Intime Organique offers the 3-step Intimate Care Routine to keep your intimate area fresh, healthy and clean. The Intimate Feminine Wash is specially formulated with natural and superior ingredients that keeps the vaginal pH level balanced, bringing you closer to achieving a healthy vagina. A healthy and happy vagina definitely contributes to your overall health and well-being!

Read the full article: http://www.nuyou.com.sg/lifestyle/clean-your-private-woman-part-vaginal-menses-period-intimacy-experts-answer-health-hygiene-保健-私处-卫生/


Vogue Beauty Award 2016

Intimate Feminine Wash is nominated for Natural Wonder Category of VOGUE BEAUTY AWARD 2016.
With your support, we have been nominated in the category and would like to say a big thank you for your continuous support.
Intimate Feminine Wash is certified by ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale).
It keeps the pH level balanced and protects the intimate area from infections and inflammations.

Media Coverage

Very famous beauty journalist Ms. Kaoru Saito writes an article on the intimate area care and pubic hair removal which have become much more common in recent years for a Japanese fashion magazine “Marisol” September issue. In the article she recommends INTIME ORGANIC by le bois as a pioneer brand of intimate care in Japan.

Media Coverage – Vogue

The Intimate Hygiene Sheet is featured on Vogue’s website.

This Hygiene Sheet is meant for the intimate area, but also can be used for the body and face. During hot seasons, excessive sweating in the intimate area may cause odour, itchiness and even eczema. To prevent this from occurring, wipe your intimate area clean with these Hygiene Sheets, and flush it down the toilet. It is simple to use and great to bring everywhere.


Intime Organique’s Intimate Feminine Wash is featured on Vogue’s website.

As more women learn and accept the importance of feminine hygiene, they are also increasingly adopting feminine wash as part of their intimate care ritual. This Intimate Feminine Wash is a gentle organic liquid soap with low pH value, specially formulated for the intimate area. You will feel extremely refreshing after one wash!

Ms. Atsuko Morita celebrates her new book release with a special event on 10th July

To celebrate the release of her new book ‘Shizen Gusuri’, founder of Intime Organique by le bois Atsuko Morita hosted a launch event two days ago at the Shinjuku Isetan store. As a leading phytotherapist, Ms. Atsuko Morita came up to discuss about the variety of herbs, herbal foods, herbal cosmetics and medicine, focusing on the power of plants or ‘Shizen Gusuri’ in Japanese.

Intime Organique’s philosophy stems from Phytotherapy, and our mission is to incorporate its benefits into your daily intimate care regime.

Natural Beauty Style Exhibition in Nagoya Takashimaya

Intime Organique by le bois is currently at Natural Beauty Style Exhibition in Nagoya Takashimaya.
Our top pick is the Intimate Hygiene Sheet. This Hygiene Sheet is made to keep the female intimate area fresh and clean.

A lot of women may feel self-conscious about their intimate odor and sweating in the area, especially when it is hot and humid. It is easy to bring out when travelling, exercising, or even on dates! How about packing one for your next trip?

Also available here is our best-seller, the Intimate Feminine Wash. This is a gentle organic liquid wash with a low pH value, specially formulated for the intimate area. The scent combines rosemary, orange, lavender, and lemon. What’s more, it can be used during periods.

A good whitening cream is essential and complementary to a healthy feminine wash regime. After washing the delicate zone with the Intimate Feminine Wash, use the Intimate Whitening Cream to achieve brighter and fairer skin in the armpit, nipples, and bikini line.

Japanese Singer, Ms. Hanako Oshima posing with a new book titled ‘Shizen Gusuri’ and written by Ms. Atsuko Morita, the founder of Intime Organique by le bois

Due to the popularity and success of the book ‘Shizen Gusuri’, a third edition was announced following the news that reprints of the first edition will cease production just two months after its release date. Many readers enjoy this book because it is written and categorised by symptoms, allowing easy reading and understanding.

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