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Hip & Legs Care Cream

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About Hip&Legs Care Cream 100g

Rejuvenating cream for the body parts that most women are concerned about – the hip & legs areas.
This is your remedy for cellulite and swollen hip & legs. Our hip & legs care cream helps to accentuate female curves while adding moisture to the skin.

Main Ingredients


Ginkgo biloba is one of the best-selling herbal supplements in Europe and is well-known for its skin hydration properties. It is recommended for those who suffer from swelling.


Research has proven that Phellodendron Amurense can treat inflammatory diseases, which has a powerful effect on the human skin. Phellodendron Amurense also prevents water loss, keeping our skin firm and hydrated.


Clove is a herb used to make medicine for many ailments. Clove oil has purifying properties and is often used to treat acne and to revitalise the skin.


Willow bark has been used over centuries in Europe. It contains salicin, an ingredient that is effective to clear blocked pores and minimise breakouts.


All Ingredients

Water, propane diol, olive fruit oil, cetanol, stearyl alcohol, polyglyceryl distearate -6, bilberry leaf extract, jojoba seed oil, yellowfin bark extract, Butcher Bloom root extract, clove extract, ginkgo leaf extract, tea leaf extract, button extract , arnica flower extract, horse chestnut seed extract, rosemary leaf extract, Fucus extract, pea extract, planthoppers rear To instrument support extract, white willow bark extract, lavender oil, rosemary leaf oil, Thymus vulgaris oil, oregano oil, marjoram leaf oil , clove bud oil, castor oil, jojoba esters, polyglyceryl-3 beeswax, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, squalane, bentonite, xanthan gum, betaine, cyclodextrin, maltodextrin, borosilicate (Ca / Na), silver oxide, ethanol

Squeeze a small amount (about 7 ml) of Hip&legs Care Cream onto your hands and spread it over the hip and the legs or the areas of your concern in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed.


1. Massage lower hip with the your fingertips. Repeat 10 times in each section.
2. Gently stretch skin upwards in a stroking motion, then use your fingers to massage in a circular motion around the hips. Repeat 5 times in each section.





1. Place hands to your ankle and stretch skin upwards in a stroking motion towards the knee.

2. Massage legs with your palms and stretch skin upwards in a stroking motion towards the groin area. Repeat 5~6 times in each section.

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