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Media Coverage – Nu You Singapore

Intime Organique was featured on 29th November 2016. This article explains the importance of intimate hygiene during menstruation.

The vagina is a delicate part of the body but often women don’t give much thought to looking after it. This is why Intime Organique offers the 3-step Intimate Care Routine to keep your intimate area fresh, healthy and clean. The Intimate Feminine Wash is specially formulated with natural and superior ingredients that keeps the vaginal pH level balanced, bringing you closer to achieving a healthy vagina. A healthy and happy vagina definitely contributes to your overall health and well-being!

Read the full article: http://www.nuyou.com.sg/lifestyle/clean-your-private-woman-part-vaginal-menses-period-intimacy-experts-answer-health-hygiene-保健-私处-卫生/


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